Vote for Alex FireThunder in the 2019 NAMMY’s

Háu mitákuyepi. If you have a minute or two, please head on over to the Native American Music Awards (NAMMY’s) website and vote for the Lakota artists, and namely Hóyeya artist Alex FireThunder. You can access the voting ballots here. Voting is open until the awards show on November 2nd, 2019. Líla wóphila héčha yeló.

In other news, new Wókičhiyakapi podcast episodes are in the works. Much apologies for the delay. And look out for some new Lakȟóta language merch, teacher materials and documents, and some new music before the end of the year!

Lakota Language Podcast Launch

Háu mitákuyepi, it is with great pleasure and excitement to announce the launch of the Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language Podcast.

Who: The podcast is presented by HÓYEYA and OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE ARCHIVES. It is hosted by Alex FireThunder.
What: The podcast features Lakota speakers sharing their stories, knowledge, and wisdom via our beautiful Lakota language.
Where: You can stream the podcast on, via iTunes or Apple Podcast apps, or at the OLC Archives in the Woksape Tipi Library in Kyle, SD.
When: New episodes will stream monthly.
Why: This podcast is intended to create another platform for the Lakota language. It will serve to increase the exposure of authentic spoken Lakota to the ears of learners (which will result in increased vocabulary and familiarization with syntax and grammar), to encourage and inspire Lakota speakers to listen and speak our language more often, and to document and preserve Lakota language, thoughts, expressions, stories, histories, idioms and phrases.

If you would like to make a contribution to the future of this podcast, you can donate here. All donations will go towards online web hosting fees, gas money and gifts for speakers featured in the podcast, and to the maintenance of audio equipment.

Donation for the Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language Podcast

Donations are accepted in increments of $10. To donate more, please additional "items" (donations) to your cart. Ex: If you want to donate $20, add 2, if you want to donate $30, add 3, etc...


Recent Happenings

Háu mitákuyepi,
Be sure to check out the Hóyeya YouTube Page for some fun Lakota Language skits, as well as other language teaching videos. Also, check back this week as the upcoming Wókičhiyakapi Podcast presented by Hóyeya and OLC Archives, will be launching on iTunes any day now. A stream will also be available here.

The month of Čhaŋwápe Tȟó (May) has been a bit busy, and much appreciation is sent to the folks at both the Marty Indian School in Wagner, SD and Lil Gails Shop in the Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, SD for hosting some events highlighting Lakota language and music.

Check out the lyric video for “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Thewáȟila II”

Hó mitákuyepi,
Check out the single off of (my) Alex FireThunder’s new album “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land” in the lyric video below.

Don’t forget to order your copy in the store.

It is also available at the Oglala Lakota College Bookstore in Kyle, SD, Singing Horse Trading Post in Manderson, SD and Lil Gails at Rushmore Mall and Prairie Edge in Downtown Rapid City, SD.

Or if you prefer digital downloads, the album is now available through iTunes, or from our BandCamp profile.

Líla philámayayapi epȟá wačhíŋ.

“Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla” CD Available Now!

Háu mitákuyepi!

I’ve been working hard on this for months and even years now, and this album is the result of song composition and the learning of the Lakȟóta language. The CD features 17 tracks of nothing but Lakȟóta language spoken, sung, and written for your listening pleasure, and for your language learning journey. The songs incorporate both traditional styles (rabbit dance, honor songs, veteran songs) as well as contemporary styles (songs on guitar, harmonious round dance, intertribal powwow). The CD includes an insert with all of the lyrics written down, and a glossary with definitions for each word used throughout the album. Order your copy now from the store section, or if you live in SD, you can find it at Lil Gails and Prairie Edge in Rapid City, OLC Bookstore in Kyle, and Singing Horse in Manderson. Oháŋ, philámayayapeló.

Two Announcements…

Number 1: Everyone needs to contact SD State representative and express your support for SB126, a bill proposal to declare Lakota/Dakota/Nakota as the official Indigenous languages in South Dakota. While this recognition may seem minuscule, the only other states to have done this are Hawaii and Alaska, two states with large Indigenous presence and success rates of language revitalization. This could mean more opportunities for Lakota/Dakota/Nakota language revitalization programs and efforts.

Click here for more info on SB126

Number 2: You can now PRE-ORDER the “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land” album in the store section. The album release date is set for February 22nd, and will ship out immediately. The CD features 17 tracks written and sung entirely in Lakota. The songs range from rabbit dance to intertribal powwow to country to honoring songs. The booklet has all of the lyrics written in Lakȟóta and comes with a Lakota-English glossary for translation assistance.

“Drum Beat Heart Beat” OUT NOW!

While recording songs for my album, “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land”, an album written entirely in Lakȟóta, I was inspired to record Round Dance songs that I’ve written throughout the years in English. I decided to release these Round Dance songs as a Digital Album. The production cost little to nothing, and all profits will go straight to funding future Hóyeya Language projects (books, games, music, posters).

You can check out the album at Hóyeya’s bandcamp page.

Háu Mitákuyapi!

The Hóyeya website is off the ground, and I’m happy to announce that things are really starting to come together. The first projects are currently in the works, so please check back for some big announcements very soon. Oháŋ, tókša akhé!

-Alex FireThunder