About Hóyeya

Hóyeya, in our Lakȟóta language, means to send a voice. Our mission is to be an independent outlet and platform for Lakȟóta speakers, artists, educators, and culture bearers, to make accessible their consultation, education, workshops, performance, music, literature and any other relevant content. These efforts are all intended to contribute to the revitalization, restoration, and continuation of our beautiful Lakȟóta language and culture. These efforts are made by Lakȟóta, and for Lakȟóta.

The logo features a tȟašíyagnuŋpa (meadowlark), which is a bird known in Lakȟóta culture to speak Lakȟóta.

Hóyeya is based out of Kyle, SD in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota. Hóyeya was founded by Alex FireThunder (Oglala Lakota), and will involve many others in future endeavors.