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The Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language Podcast can be streamed for free here, the iTunes or Apple Podcast apps, or at Oglala Lakota College. To make a donation, click below.

Donation for Podcast

Donations for the Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language podcast are accepted in increments of $10. To donate more, please increase the "items" (donations) to your cart. Ex: If you want to donate $20, add 2, if you want to donate $30, add 3, etc... All donations go towards web hosting fees, gas money and gifts for speakers featured in the podcast, and to maintenance of audio equipment.


Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land by Alex FireThunder

This CD features 17 tracks written and sung entirely in Lakota. The songs range from rabbit dance to intertribal powwow to country to honoring songs. The booklet has all of the lyrics written in Lakȟóta and comes with a Lakota-English glossary for translation assistance.


Drum Beat Heart Beat (DIGITAL ALBUM) by Alex FireThunder

"Drum Beat Heart Beat" is an album of round dance songs sung in English and composed by Alex FireThunder. Hóyeya is a platform focused primarily on Lakota language materials, however this album serves as a fundraiser for future language projects (books, games, posters, music). Download the album for $8 from WWW.HOYEYA.BANDCAMP.COM Or make a donation here and we will email you a link.