Two Announcements…

Number 1: Everyone needs to contact SD State representative and express your support for SB126, a bill proposal to declare Lakota/Dakota/Nakota as the official Indigenous languages in South Dakota. While this recognition may seem minuscule, the only other states to have done this are Hawaii and Alaska, two states with large Indigenous presence and success rates of language revitalization. This could mean more opportunities for Lakota/Dakota/Nakota language revitalization programs and efforts.

Click here for more info on SB126

Number 2: You can now PRE-ORDER the “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land” album in the store section. The album release date is set for February 22nd, and will ship out immediately. The CD features 17 tracks written and sung entirely in Lakota. The songs range from rabbit dance to intertribal powwow to country to honoring songs. The booklet has all of the lyrics written in Lakȟóta and comes with a Lakota-English glossary for translation assistance.