Want to be able to type using all of those fancy diacritical markings?
Lakota Language Project keyboard (recommended for Mac and PC users)
Lakota Language Consortium keyboard (recommended for iPhone users)
GBoard Lakota keyboard (recommended for Android users)

Lakota Language Consortium Bookstore
Bookstore featuring the New Lakota Dictionary (book & app), Lakota Grammar Handbook, Lakȟótiya Wóglaka Po! Textbooks (Level 1-5), classroom materials, children’s CDs, children’s books, word puzzle book, Lakota alphabet book, vocabulary app, Summer Institutes, and much more

Red Cloud Lakota Language Project
Free downloads: A wide assortment of classroom materials and learning resources created by Red Cloud Indian School (posters, coloring sheets, hall passes, etc)

KILI Radio Lakota Language Show
Free streamable mp3s: KILI Radio hosts Lakota speakers Robert Two Crow and Brian Charging Cloud every Saturday for an hour long talk show

Wayáwa Čík’ala
Free YouTube Channel: Produced by Thunder Valley CDC, Wayáwa Čík’ala offers animation videos designed to teach children Lakota without using any English

Wayáwa Tȟáŋka
Free YouTube Channel: Videos of long-time student of the Lakota language, Peter Hill, as he teaches adults using full immersion, repetition, and real life settings and situations

Lakota Barenstain Bears
Free YouTube Channel: A full season of free-streaming Barenstain Bears episodes all in Lakota

Lakota Stories Told By Duane Hollow Horn Bear
Free YouTube Channel: Videos of traditional stories told in Lakota by Sičáŋǧu Lakȟóta elder

News blog written entirely in Lakȟól’iyapi, but unfortunately is not updated

Online Lakota Language Courses (Memrise)
Primarily designed to prepare those working with daycare/pre-school students in Lakota, but a very helpful and useful resource

Standing Rock Language And Culture Institute Facebook Page
Facebook posts and videos in Lakota or pertaining to the language

Sitting Bull College Language and Culture Resources
A bibliography citing an array of Lakota language and culture collections (text and audio), some of which is available at SBC Archives.