Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language Podcast

Who: The podcast is presented by HÓYEYA and OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE ARCHIVES. It is hosted by Alex FireThunder.
What: The podcast features Lakota speakers sharing their stories, knowledge, and wisdom via our beautiful Lakota language.
Where: You can stream the podcast here at www.hoyeya.com, or via the iTunes or Apple Podcast apps, or at the OLC Archives in the Woksape Tipi Library in Kyle, SD.
When: New episodes will stream monthly. 
Why: This podcast is intended to create another platform for the Lakota language. It will serve to increase the exposure of authentic spoken Lakota to the ears of learners (which will result in increased vocabulary and familiarization with syntax and grammar), to encourage and inspire Lakota speakers to listen and speak our language more often, and to document and preserve Lakota language, thoughts, expressions, stories, histories, idioms and phrases.

If you would like to make a contribution to the future of this podcast, you can donate here. All donations will go towards online web hosting fees, gas money and gifts for speakers featured in the podcast, and to the maintenance of audio equipment.


Donations for the Wókičhiyakapi Lakota Language Podcast are accepted in increments of $10. To donate more, please add additional "items" (donations) to your cart. Ex: If you want to donate $20, add 2, if you want to donate $30, add 3, etc...