Workshops & Presentations

HÓYEYA offers various workshops, presentations, performance and consultation.

Currently our team consists of:
Alex FireThunder – Language Teacher at Little Wound Middle School
Bino Garcia – Language Teacher at Wounded Knee Middle School
Naomi Last Horse – Director of Language Integration at Thunder Valley CDC 

Lakȟóta Language Workshops
Adult Workshop for Beginners
The adult workshop is typically held on weekends (negotiable). Instructors will use immersion methods and will have students holding basic conversations and speaking within a few hours. They will become familiar with reading and writing Lakota, tools for self-learning, and will leave the workshop feeling empowered. Lakota is a learnable language!

Adult Workshop for Intermediate Learners
Coming Soon…

Youth Workshop
The youth workshop utilizes immersion techniques as well as song and dance to engage students in Lakota language. Students will learn to talk and sing songs about various topics including; everyday feelings, foods, toys, animals, numbers, colors, weather, etc… This could also include a performance by Alex FireThunder on guitar (singing in Lakota) depending on availability.

Methods of Teaching Consultation
This is for teachers interested in improving teaching methods and lesson plans. We will provide examples of how to stay in the target language, while engaging students and assessing comprehension. This workshop will be taught by language teachers with years of experience teaching Lakota both on and off of Lakota country and to diverse age groups.

Presentations & Performance
Lakota Dance Troupe
Heavy involvement in the wačhípi world gives us access to some of the top dancers in Indian country. Many of these dances that are now known intertribally either originate or have long histories with the Lakota people. We are able to bring a dance troupe featuring men and women’s traditional, men’s grass, women’s jingle, men’s fancy feather, women’s fancy shawl, men’s chicken dance, and the hoop dance, along with historical explanations of each dance and the dancers.

Alex FireThunder Live
Alex FireThunder has recorded two albums, “Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla – Love For The Land”, an album written in Lakȟóta featuring songs on guitar and his hand drum, and also “Drum Beat Heart Beat”, an album of modern style round dance songs written in English.

For booking or more information on workshops, please contact us on Facebook or using the contact page here.