“Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla” CD Available Now!

Háu mitákuyepi!

I’ve been working hard on this for months and even years now, and this album is the result of song composition and the learning of the Lakȟóta language. The CD features 17 tracks of nothing but Lakȟóta language spoken, sung, and written for your listening pleasure, and for your language learning journey. The songs incorporate both traditional styles (rabbit dance, honor songs, veteran songs) as well as contemporary styles (songs on guitar, harmonious round dance, intertribal powwow). The CD includes an insert with all of the lyrics written down, and a glossary with definitions for each word used throughout the album. Order your copy now from the store section, or if you live in SD, you can find it at Lil Gails and Prairie Edge in Rapid City, OLC Bookstore in Kyle, and Singing Horse in Manderson. Oháŋ, philámayayapeló.